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Michael Bell Memorial Award 2016

The winner of the individual award for 2016 is Dr. Enoma Alexander Bazuaye-Ekwuyasi, Nigeria.

A Nigerian Pro-life enthusiast, he is a papal Knight of St Sylvester and the current Supreme Physician of the Order of the Knights of Saint Mulumba Nigeria. He is a distinguished medical practitioner and former University teacher. He is a humane Pro-life Philanthropist and Marriage Counselor who has been passionately involved in active pro-life action in the past twenty years.

The major Platform through which Dr. Bazuaye-Ekwuyasi has carried out his pro-life activities in Nigeria has been through the Order of the Knights of St Mulumba Nigeria. He became a member of the Order of the Knights of St Mulumba Nigeria in 1995. During his tenure as Physician of Warri Sub-Council and later Effurun Sub-Council, he utilized the opportunity of his leadership of the Pro-life and Medical Affairs Committee to promote the Sanctity of Human Life in the Order, the church and local communities around Warri and Effurun. He organized several Seminars in churches and schools to promote awareness in the promotion and defense of human life. He sought commitment from singles and married people through the distribution of ‘‘commitment cards” and offered counseling when needed. He organized pro-life rallies in the community during the Feast of Annunciation, and educational pro-life materials were widely distributed during these rallies.

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