The Alliance Emblem

The central symbol is a cross, triparted and frettered. This signifies the Orders of Catholic Knights coming together in their common allegiance to the faith The cross is interlaced with a circle signifying the world. The Orders come from different parts of the world and through their union play their part in evangelizing it.

The blue background denotes the devotion of the Knights to Our Lady. The colours of the cross are silver and gold. These colours, taken from the Vatican Flag, express the deep loyalty that the Orders possess for the person and office of the Holy Father and his lawful representatives.

Our Mission

We believe that the privilege of Knighthood confers upon a Catholic man an extra responsibility in the Apostolate of Christ’s Church. We record our determination as individual Orders within the International Alliance to co­operate in achieving the following aims:

  • To bring the message of Christ to all people

  • To give loyalty and support in every way possible to our Holy Father The Pope and all Bishops, Priests and Religious throughout the world

  • To use our individual and joint influence to eliminate injustice from society

  • To co-operate with other Catholic international organisations and the Pontifical Council for the Laity to advance the Christian tray of life

  • To extend the vision of Rev Father Michael McGivney by assisting each Member Order to progress and grow and by promoting the establishment of new Orders of Catholic Knights

  • To strengthen out individual and distinct Member Orders by corporate action and to strive to deepen the faith of members of the Alliance and all Catholics in general by encouraging their active and generous participation in the Life and Mission of the Church

  • To pursue these aims by uniting all our brothers throughout the world in prayer.