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Christmas Message from the International President 2021

Dear Brothers

I am very honoured to once again share the President’s Christmas Message to the Brothers, Ladies and Families of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights.

For a second year we approach the great feast of the Nativity of the Lord under the shadow of Coronavirus. Indeed at the moment the Omicron variant has raised the fear level in my country of Scotland and as I write this message my own order has had to cancel an initiation mass and ceremony due tonight.

We also approach the great feast with so much uncertainty in our world as more and more countries face famine and unrest; as millions of unborn babies are aborted every year; as more countries try to introduce euthanasia and as the plight of refugees and asylum seekers seems to go unheard.

But we must remember that fear worry despair, uncertainty and rejection also play a role in the Christmas story. The despair of St Joseph as he finds out Mary is pregnant. The worry of having to travel to Bethlehem whilst she is pregnant. The rejection that there is no room at the inn. The fear of Herods slaughter of the innocents. The uncertainty of being a refugee in Egypt.

But in the end their trust in God, and his love sustained and protected them, and Jesus Christ was born in that stable in Bethlehem.

Therefore, as Knights we must also put our trust in the Lord. We must remember the great message to love our neighbours as ourselves and it is wonderful to see many of our Orders organising events to help those who need our help. It is also fantastic to see the support for human life from conception to a natural death being promoted throughout the countries we have a presence.

So therefore as we gather with our families before the Holy Eucharist and in our homes this year to celebrate the wonder of our Lord being among us, we recommit ourselves in the year ahead to follow the great principles of Charity Love and Fraternity which run through the heart of all our Orders.

Sandra and I wish you a most Holy and Blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year.


Charlie McCluskey KSG – International President

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