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Easter Message from the International President, Charlie McCluskey KSG

Dear Brothers and Ladies
I am sure that since the founding of the Alliance in 1979 no President has sat down to write his Easter message in the circumstances, we find ourselves in at present.
In my own country of Scotland, we are in total lockdown with no one able to leave the house except for essential reasons and even our churches are closed to the public. We have not had a public celebration of the mass since the Solemnity of St Joseph on 19th March and we have been told that there will be no public liturgy for Holy Week or the Easter Triduum. I know that throughout our world all of you will be experiencing similar circumstances.
So, we could be forgiven for worrying during these dark days and being fearful for the future. In fact, I was thinking that this must have been how the disciples felt during that Passover in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago.
Our Lord had just been crucified and buried and it must have seemed that all hope was gone. All that had gone before seemed ended and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.
But as we know that was all to change on the third day.
On that Easter Sunday morning Our Lord fulfilled his covenant to us and arose from the dead bringing real hope to our world. And that hope is what sustains us during these days of crisis.
The hope that in prayer we will come through this ordeal and be renewed at the end. The hope that during this time, those that we love will be protected and guarded from harm and the hope that light will be indeed at the end of the tunnel.
But for us as Catholics and Christians, we have more than hope. Because of those events in Judea 2 millennium ago, we have trust; trust that God is by our side today and will be in the future.
And it is that trust and hope that allows us to celebrate the great Feast of Easter because we know that the risen Lord is with us, by our side, and in every step we take. The promise of eternal life which we have been given fulfils and strengthens us during this time of trial.
Therefore, let us truly celebrate during this Eastertide. Let us put our trust, hope and faith in God and as we awake on this Easter morning let us shout and share with joy that the LORD IS TRULY RISEN.
Alleluia Alleluia

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