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Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant R.I.P

Brother members of IACK

I never had the opportunity to meet Brother Virgil Dechant but a number of my predecessor Supreme Knights in the UK did.

Those who did know and meet him said was that he treated them and the SKs throughout the world as equal as Supreme Knights, irrespective of the individual country or jurisdiction.

He was quoted as saying in Glasgow in 1979 when IACK was founded, that all our orders are equal partners in the mission Fr McGilvney gave us. Size or finance was not a consideration.

Although the Knights of Columbus were more successful financially and number wise, he realised that Father McGivneys vision was being fulfilled throughout the world and that was important and that each of the constituent orders were following his ideals. That he said was vital,

Brother Virgil, ensured as a founding member of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights that each Order would work together in the principles of Charity Unity and Fraternity.

Those men as we do today saw a unity of Catholic Knights throughout the world being important to proclaiming the faith.

He was definitely a man who was above the importance of his own Order and himself.

He saw the sister orders all had their roles to play and that no individual order was above any other.

I am delighted to say the Knights of Columbus and all those orders that committed to that worldwide Alliance in 1979 still follow the visions of Brother Virgil and those founders.

The prayers of the Alliance are with Brother Virgil and his family.

May he rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Charlie McCluskey
International President

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