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Michael Bell Memorial Award

The Michael Bell Memorial Award is given every year to a person or an organisation which has given exemplary service to the Pro-Life cause.

The 2017 Awards have just been announced.   The winners are:

Category 1:  Individual

Dr. David van Gend, Australia.  He is president of the Australian Marriage Forum.  He was very active in opposing the then looming parliamentary vote to legalise abortion in Queensland.  In one of his comments he said ” Every generation has it’s life-and-death issues. In past generations it was dehumanising slaves, or dehumanising women or dehumanising Aborigines, or Jews. A real crisis moment is upon us. It’s that simple.”

Category 2. Organisation or Group

Project Truth, Glasgow, Scotland.

Launched in 2013, Project Truth is an award-winning youth outreach project and main youth initiative of SPUC Scotland. Bringing young pro-lifers from all around the UK together, they aim to bring the pro-life message to the streets of Scotland in a fun and vibrant way, changing hearts and minds one conversation at a time.  All of the young people involved with this project are already active in the pro-life field. Each of them believe in the dignity of every human life from the moment of conception, and feel called to stand up in defence of each life that is threatened in the womb.

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