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Easter Message from the International Chaplain Bishop Leslie Tomlinson



2018 Easter Message – International Knights


It is my privilege and joy to wish you all the peace and graces of the Easter season. The Resurrection of Jesus is the very foundation of all we believe, and I pray that it will lift your hearts with renewed hope in 2018 and beyond.


The life, joy and peace of Easter are ours for the asking. Let us ask God today to move us to accept the Easter message into our hearts. Let us ask Him to make us Easter people – people who are God-centred, people who follow Jesus, people who serve the Church.


This Easter, let us be filled with real HOPE; the hope that Jesus’ Resurrection brings, the hope that we can witness to, by the way we reach out to all.  We are the children of God. Today this victory is ours if we embrace with faith the Easter event – Jesus risen from the dead for you and for me. In the Risen Jesus, God comes into our lives. He shapes our destiny. He cares for us, loves us, heals us, strengthens us, walks with us on our pilgrim way.


May the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year bring peace and happiness to you and those you hold dear, and may Christ, Our Risen Saviour, always be there by your side to bless you most abundantly and be your loving guide. Happy and Blessed Easter!

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