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Easter Message from Brother Colin Walsh, Alliance President



President IACK Easter Message 2018


Greetings Brothers throughout the World.

As we reflect on Christ’s suffering this Lenten period it is fitting to reflect on the unimaginable suffering of so many people throughout the world we live in.

Whether that be as a result of wars, attacks on children or slave labour or simply violence in the home which is mostly aimed at women or even people being taken advantage of or being treated unfairly. All of which have been highlighted in our daily press in recent months.

Christ died to save the World and as his disciples we have a duty to play our part like Christ to do what we can to save the world and make our world a better place for all God’s people…

Also during this advent period I ask you to remember the power of prayer.

God’s love for us is a powerful resource and through Prayer we ask God directly to intercede on our behalf.

During Easter we reflect on the unimaginable suffering Jesus went through to show his Love of for all his people.

By his resurrection he showed there is hope for all mankind and a hope for the future and that all mankind can live in God’s presence.

I take this opportunity to wish all Knights and your Families the Full Blessings of Easter…..MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Br Colin Walsh   President of IACK



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