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Easter Message from the International Chaplain

“The glorious days of Easter are upon us again!!!  We welcome anew the joyful proclamation of the Lord’s resurrection, and the eternal Life and eternal Hope that it promises to those who are born of water and the Holy Spirit.  May Jesus Christ, the Victor over the grave, the Risen Lord and the Light of the World, shine upon us and enlighten our minds and hearts to remain true in our efforts to be faithful to Him and to serve others.  As the sounds of Alleluia!!!  Alleluia!!! Alleluia!! echo in our minds, hearts and prayer, may we be strengthened for the crosses that we each carry, confident in our own victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ our Lord.  I invoke God’s abundant blessings upon all during these days of our Easter joy!  Peace and blessings to all!  Alleluia!!”

Most Reverend Shelton J. Fabre

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