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Rosary for Peace, Reconciliation and Harmony

The Knights of St. Columba have initiated a Rosary for Peace.  Below is the text of a Press Release issued by Supreme Knight Charlie McCluskey.  Knights, throughout the world, are encouraged to join in this prayer initiative.



Over these last few months I have been shocked and saddened by the events unfolding throughout our world.  The murder of 110 people in Baghdad in May followed by the attacks in Nice and only this morning on a family in Germany show that evil truly exists in our world today.   In America it appears that there is a breakdown in society and this has culminated in the recent spate in shootings of police officers and here in our own country of Britain there is an underlying feeling of division after the European Referendum

Therefore, I am calling on all members of the Knights of St. Columba to join me in praying the rosary for peace, reconciliation and harmony in our world  during the nine days from Saturday 6th August till the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother on the 15th of August 2016.  I also ask that you invite members of your families, communities and parishes to join with you during this period.  This can be done in church as a group or individually during the 9 days.

At Fatima, Our Lady asked us to Recite the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world and the end of war.  Perhaps by using this powerful weapon of prayer we can help answer her request at this time.

Charlie McCluskey

Supreme Knight

Knights of St. Columba

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