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Easter Message from the International Chaplain

My dear brothers and sisters:


As we again recall, welcome and celebrate the joyful news of the Lord’s resurrection and the hope it promises and brings, I pray that all of the grace of the days of the season of our Easter joy will be poured out abundantly on all who rejoice in the risen Lord.  Our Lord Jesus Christ broke the chains of death and rose triumphant from the grave.  Let joyful shouts of Alleluia!!!  Alleluia!!! echo in our minds, our hearts, and our actions.  During this Holy Year of Mercy, may our rejoicing in the Risen Lord manifest itself in our desire to share with others the mercy that the risen Lord showers upon us.  May the joy of the risen Lord strengthen us for the crosses that we each carry, and fill our lives and hearts at Easter and throughout the Easter season.  I ask God’s blessings upon all during this holy time of the year.  Peace and blessings to all! 


+Shelton J. Fabre


International Chaplain


Easter 2016

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