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Member Orders


Post Conference Statement
A statement issued by Delegates following the 2015 IACK Conference held in Perth,Australia. (read more)

Frank Wightman RIP
It is with great sadness we announced the death of Bro Frank Wightman, a past President of IACK and past Supreme Knight of the Knights of da Gama, South Africa.

New President of IACK Elected
Bro F. DeKarlos Blackmon (Knights of Peter Claver, USA) has been elected as the new President, with Bro Colin Walsh (Knights of the Southern Cross , Australia) as his Deputy (more)

Michael Bell Memorial Award
IACK are pleased to announce that Mrs Julia Cook, Australia, is the winner in the individual category for 2013.

Easter Messages
Easter Message to all member Orders from the IACK International President.

2015 IACK Convention
The 2015 International Council meeting is scheduled to take place in Perth, Australia, from the 5th to 12th of September, 2015.

New Supreme Knight in New Zealand
Bro Richard Harward has been elected as Supreme Knight of the Knights of the Southern Cross, New Zealand.

International Chaplain's Address
A sound file (MP3) of Most Rev Barry Wood's address to the Delegates at the 2013 IACK Conference.
(download here)

Christmas Messages
Christmas messages to all member Orders from the IACK International Chaplain, President and Secretary General.

New President of IACK Elected
Bro David Huppatz, Past Supreme Knight of the Knights of the Southern Cross, Australia has been elected as President of IACK for the period 2013 - 2015. He was installed at the bi-annual IACK Conference held in Gambia.

Announcements and information from the IACK Secretary General are now available on the Support Page

Venerable Father Michael McGivney
In 2008 Father McGivney was declared Venerable.  The Cause for his Beatification is in progress and it has been decided to encourage all members of the Alliance to pray  for the Beatification of Father McGivney. (more)

Rt Rev Michael Coleman R.I.P.
It is with regret that we announce the death of Rt. Rev. Michael Coleman, Past International Chaplain of I.A.C.K.

Bro Jimmy Eccles R.I.P.
It is with regret that we announce the death of Brother Jimmy Eccles, Past Supreme Knight of the Knights of St. Columbanus, Ireland. He was also a Founder Member of I.A.C.K.

A summary of the 2010 UNUM OMNES Conference is now available on the member's Support page.

New Supreme Knight in Australia
Bro Colin Walsh has been elected as Supreme Knight of the Knights of the Southern Cross, Australia.

New Assistant Secretary Appointed
Bro Billy Lee has been appointed as Assistant Secretary fo Pro-Life Affairs.

First Saint for Australia
Blessed Mary MacKillop, the Patroness of the Knights of the Southern Cross, Australia, will become Australia's first saint.

Venerable Michael McGivney
Pope Benedict XV1 has declared Venerable the founder of the Knights of Columbus, Father Michel J. McGivney. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Supreme Knight Anderson and all members of the Knights of Columbus on this joyful news.

The Fraternal Flame
As the effects of the International Councils decision to institute the Fraternal Flame begin to pass down the Member Orders, these notes explain its inauguration and purpose.

The International Alliance Prayer and a Prayer for the Canonisation of Fr Michael J McGivney.

Bishop Donal McKeown
Pope John Paul II - A personal reflection.

New Pope Elected

The new Holy Father, Pope Francis 1, is the 266th Pontiff in direct succession to St Peter and is the first Jesuit, the first to take the name Francis and the first from the Americas.


The Alliance Emblem

The central symbol is a cross, triparted and frettered. This signifies the Orders of Catholic Knights coming together in their common allegiance to the faith The cross is interlaced with a circle signifying the world. The Orders come from different parts of the world and through their union play their part in evangelizing it.

The blue background denotes the devotion of the Knights to Our Lady. The colours of the cross are silver and gold. These colours, taken from the Vatican Flag, express the deep loyalty that the Orders possess for the person and office of the Holy Father and his lawful representatives.

The Motto

“Ubi Caritas et Amor

“Where there is charity and love

 there is God”


The Holy Father

When Pope John Paul II received the Alliance International Council in private audience he delivered the following address to them: “Although I welcomed you yesterday at the General Audience I thought it was necessary to greet you more personally and to express my gratitude for all the work you are doing for the Church, to thank you for your prayers, your loyalty to the Bishops and for following the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is very important that I should thank you, especially for your fidelity to the Church. I would like you to know of the great confidence which is placed in you and all Knights throughout the world. May God bless you and all your families. God bless you.”


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